We are Taking Submissions for our Writers Blog that focuses on Resilience  for writers. Blog word limit is 1,000 word per person and you are free to add an image with your writing. 
Also, our next meeting with be 8/22 at 7:00 at the Artisan's Sanctuary and for this meeting we decided to allow everyone the chance to workshop or critique any written work that they might have.

Some good guidelines for critiquing have already been sent out and we would like to add the following formatting suggestions for any material that is presented:

Use 12-point Times Roman type
Allow for 1" margins
Use double-space for paragraphs
Place page numbers in the header or footer of the pages
Keep all submissions at ten pages or less

Be sure and put your name on the document. We are hoping to have 3-4 people who want to submit their work. This is a supportive and constructive type of critique as we are all learning as writers.

Please send your submission to artisansanctuary@gmail.com

‚ÄčThank you! Our new Blog is up and running! Visit "The Spark" at wordpress.com .