We are Taking Submissions for our Writers Blog that focuses on Resilience.

Please use the following guidelines:

  • These posts can be on any topic but must center on the theme of resilience.
  • Each post is limited to 1,000 words per person and you are free to add an image with your writing. 
  • The word "resilience" does not have to be used prominently, but its theme must be the focus of the post. If you feel that some additional information is needed in explaining why your writing shows this, please include a brief paragraph in your email- no more than 3-4 sentences.
  • An image can be included with your post.
  • Use 12-point Times Roman type​
  • Double-space paragraphs

Be sure and include your name and contact information on the document. 

Please send your submission to artisansanctuary@gmail.com

​Thank you for being part of our Artisan's cooperative!