Morgan Hageman is a ceramics artist current in residence at the Ceramics Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and studying at Kansas City Art Institute.

Artist Statement

Through the use of icing bags and a variety of icing tips I have been able to create an installation that renders my inner monologue into a physical piece. I’ve taken conversations from important influences in my life and combined them with personal reflections and my own passing thoughts pertaining to my romantic relationships. At the same time the installation is an experiment with a new technical skill.

My intention behind the piece(s) is to convey the tension and frailty I have felt during physical fleeting relationships and idle relationships with the opposite sex. I’m experimenting with capturing a beautiful tension to describe a universal feeling other peers have discussed with me but all come to the same conclusion, not knowing how to put into words their feelings, therefore I began testing how to combine the physical: text, and the intangible: emotion. 

Due to the new process by which I scribe, the ceramic material has a fluid organic movement. The text can then become illegible at times fueling the uncertainty and strain the text is describing. Making the viewer’s experience a part of the concept. 

Morgan Hageman