​As an artist, the one thing I think of when I’m doing my creations is to inspire my fellow human beings to see the beautiful world we live in. I may use different genres, such as Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstraction, or Cubism - all of which express the color and feeling that reflect my thoughts at the time. 
My latest works are made entirely out of concrete. The Masters, going back to Da Vinci, were not able to create a stable material for their murals due to the use of lime mix as a base and paint for color. The materials I use are made of modern-day Portland cement. My canvas is cement fiber board. My paints are concrete dyes and tile grout. All resist the weather and can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. To me, an artist is an important tool to show who we are as a people and a society. We are in a Post-Modern era and I’m working to find-out where to go from here…​​​​​

Jimmy Juilfs Art On Display