‚ÄčShow May 8-June 6, 2015

1070 7th Ave, Marion, IA 52302, USA


Art isn't something I grew up with, or grew into, it's something that happened to me.  Near the age of thirty, and after a long personal decline, I randomly picked up a pencil to try drawing.  The result as immediate and surprising, to myself and others.  With new-found gusto for life I rarely laid my pencils aside for two solid years, stopping only for work, food, and sleep.  I never thought about selling my work, I did it because it made me happy.  It still does.  Art is my fulfillment, my therapist, my Prozac,  and a gift from God for which I am grateful every day. 

It is in sculpture where I seem to have found my truest form of expression.  I rarely start a clay project with more than a very simple idea.  It seems if I try to exert too much control I'll mess it up.  Working in clay is a two-way street, the clay has as much input as I do.  My current project, which I call "The Village", is a collection of whimsical structures.  Each piece is developed from a simple starting point such as - "I want to make a house, about so big, by so big"- and as I work, the structure tells me how it wants to look.  My goal is to seek those perfect symmetries found in nature -nothing square, every line flowing into or around others - and I find this possible only by listening to the clay.  My work in pencil, or oils, is very different: I sketch, I plan, I aim at realism.  But with clay I want to create an alternate world, as would an author, and yet a work that can be seen and touched - where quaint innocence pervades and dreams can be real - a place of charm, where the viewer may long to stop, and dwell, and exist.

Jefferson Henshaw