Product#16 Titled "Colorgasm" is a 6 X 9 inch Iowa frame with Rainbow Painted Gears. Price $70.00.

Product#20 titled "Adrenaline" is the molecular structure of epinephrine using bicycle gears. 28 X 16 inch. Price $100.00.

Product# 4 titled "Bilateral" is 24 X 16 inches. Bilateral is a symmetrical abstract. Price $220.00.

Product#13 Titled "Bill" is a 24 X 18 inch Inspired by Bill Cipher of Gravity Falls. Price $120.00.

Product#19 Titled "Seahorse" is 24 X 16 inches. Price $240.00.

Product#18 Titled "Scarab" is a 12 X 24 inch Egyptian Scarab holding the sun and moon. Price $180.00.

Product#14 Titled "Blue Shift" is a 20 X 16 inch Abstract painting with chain art. Price $220.00.

Product#12 Titled "Moyogi" is a bicycle chain bonsai in ceramic pot. Is 12 X 16 X 8 inches. Price $400.00.

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Metal Art By Drew Evans

Now Showing And For Sale At The Artisan's Sanctuary in Marion, Iowa.

Product#3 is titled "Jeans Catcher" is a 700 centimeter wheel with tensioned chain inside. Price $140.00

Product#15 is Titled "Tiagra" is 12 X 16 inch and is a Feline Mask. Price $320.00.

Product#10 Titled "Unfolding" is mounted on a base. 22 X 18 X 14. Colorful Abstract Sculpture. Price $450.00.