Glass Willow

Mixed Media ( acrylic, epoxy, polystryrene ) on pvc 26.5" x 15.5" $ 850

En Tactus ( To Touch Within ) An Exhibition by Casey Wullner 


Acrylic and Ink on pvc

​36" x 10"  $ 4400

Born June 18, 1983, Casey John Wullner seemingly left the womb creating art. The early and unwavering support of his parents nurtured his creative ramblings, providing a stable foundation to allow Casey's imagination free reign. One of his earliest memories is of his parents catching him drawing on the walls, and rather than scolding him, they praised his talent. Whether that moment encouraged an innate ability or simply planted the seed, it set the stage for a lifetime obsession with artistic expression. The death of his father when Casey was 32 profoundly affected his art. It galvanized his decision to implement a plan for becoming a full-time working artist rather than continue struggling with day to day jobs that neither held his interest nor taught him anything about the life he wishes to live.

Going Got Weird

​Custom Framed Digital print 30.5" x 24.5" $ 500

En Tactus ( To Touch Within ) Acrylic on canvas 48" x 24" $7200

​About The Artist:

​EnAgnostos ( Within the Unknown ) Mixed Media ( Acrylic and Epoxy) on pvc 48" x 14" $ 2200

​Enitium ( In Inception ) Acrylic on canvas 30" x 24" $3800

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EnRatio ( In Theory )

Mixed Media ( acrylic, epoxy, polystyrene ) on Pvc

24" x 21.5" $ 1600 


​Acrylic on Plexiglass with Internal RBG Lighting

2' x 2' cubed, set of 6

​$ 3000 for set, ask about individual pricing.

​Gnede Oil Pastel on canvas board 24" x 18" $ 1500